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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Ally Ways of Main St Washington Nc

Bright and early start

and going no where fast. ty kind neighbor for helping the widows sun.

this is the first ally way i stumbled on and also happens to be one i have been looking for, for some time now, i do believe this is how one can get ontop of the buildings.

this is the ally that leads to the book store, and la bella's
 (picture is a link that takes you to the review).

high sky is higher then i..

a random red star, in an ally, that only someone like i could recognize.

cofffeeeeee. Jamaican Me Crazy is the flavor. Comes from the book store on main st. GREAT tasting stuff.

Steps leading out of an ally

Not an ally and also not in service. I wish it was in full service right now. Preserved in time.

Old house. I like it.

This looks like at one point in time it may have been an important place.

I have gotten great wine, and Gouda from here.

This doorway is like 5 feet flat.

At the end of the day. I simply burnt what has fell in the past away.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Artist on Main St Washington Nc

I realized while driving home from class, that i hadnt took a stroll down Main St in a few days. I enjoying doing this from time to time because its such a neat little street, with cool Mason inspired architecture. Everything is very geometrically sound. Arches and key stones, pressed tin for roofing, and beautiful columns. This city at one time was crafted to be beautiful. Years since the date of origin for this brick and more,  still retaining a subtle ambiance like one should be hating the British for there taxes and central banking practices, all the while elegantly socializing with of a legion of revolutionaries.

 The Main St of Washington Nc was a splendid place in its youth. I know this because I can feel this. I feel the freshly arrived settlers in the Port, I can see the ships with sails. I can sense the fear of being robbed by free spirited Pirates, yet sympathize with their passion to be free of all rules. Yet saddened by their ignorance that sometimes there just has to be order in the chaos.

This is the timeline of my journy.

Got out of my car at the public parking area and took the first picture, i dont really know what this place is, i think its law offices, but the building is a neat one, i wish i lived in an apartment up above there

Secret grove lookin place here. Thought it was a cool looking place.

Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons of North Carolina. The name actually does sound very intriguing. This city was named after Gen. George Washington. This is the original Washington. Gen. Washington was a known Free-Mason. Makes sense, right?

Art Tyndall Studio =]

Here he the artist at work, prime'ing a cavas to be painted on. We went into a descussion about the fact he is doing a "nudey" and how sometimes they just gotta be done. Every one has to do a few in their lifetime. Stating that this was only the 4th or 5th time doing one of these paintings. Nice fellow, this man.

More original work.

South Market Antiques.. i havnt been in here yet.

or Visible Changes Hair Salon. but one day.

would be a sweet apartment.

craftmanship and pride.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

La Bellas in Washington Nc

So there i was, hungry as a bear after hibernation, stomach gurgling, sugar dropping, frustration building, and walking down Main St. "What too eat, what too eat?". I look to the left and see heavens light on a secret little hole in the wall place named La Bella's. Hearing rumors that the serve wine with there pizza. I decided, "Why not?". Walked in this bricked, comforting, new york inspired pizzeria, feeling like a boss.Thee aroma of freshly cooked pizza (pizza is not an italian invention but whatever) smacked me in the face like i owed it money. Foreshadowing? Perhaps..

I find a zealous waitress's and asked.. "What kind of wine do you have?", After all  thats the only real reason why i was there, the pizza was like icing on the cake. The lady starts rambling off the generic names of the wine she carried, "Mer lot, Cabernet, pinot grigio.." I stopped her, and asked, "Is the Cabernet any good?", She replies, "How are you going to ask me that, I own the place, so of course im going to say its good". Not to argue with this perfect logic i Immediately was turned off by the idea of staying any longer, but what the hell, i only have 45 mins then i have to be in class. So i shrug off the ladies ignorant ass attitude and order a slice of cheese pizza and a 6 oz glass of cabernet. Grand drop kick on the wallet, only $5.30. "Not too bad" i thought to myself. So i gave them a dollar tip.. i felt obligated too.

Ten minutes of gazing at the cheap prints of events that never took place had me wanting to hang myself with my shoe strings.Then as the thought crosses my mind the order comes via a beautiful smiling waitress. Some pepper seeds here, some parmisan cheese there, and first bite. OMG. It was actually pretty damn good. Surprised me to the fullest. I endulged like a glutton, burning my mouth with the molten cheese the whole way down. The wine for $3 a glass isnt horrible either after it breathed for roughly 10 minutes.

In conclusion would i recommend this place? Sure, price isnt bad, food tasted great and conviently located on main st.

Location Info:
 La Bella Pizzeria
126 West Main Street
Washington, NC 27889
Phone: 252-948-0948



In the begining..

In the begining, there were persons, places, and things on Main Streets across the United States. These persons, places, and things needed reviews. I am here to give those reviews. I will be starting this journy with a review of the historical persons, places, and things associated with Main St of  Washington North Carolina.