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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Quarry Restaurant + Bar Greenville NC

About The Quarry Restaurant and Bar

The Quarry provides Downtown Greenville North Carolina with specialty hand-crafted pizza, daily lunch specials, and a full sports bar. The menu has a variety of appetizers, salads and sandwiches. Fully stocked bar, wine by the glass/bottle and 21 taps!

The Main Street Review of The Quarry Restaurant and Bar

My wife and I were in town and starving. We pushed our 3 month old son up and down 5th street diligently looking for a tasty bite to eat when we noticed The Quarry Restaurant  There was a table full of sherrifs and we figured.. If the cops are willing to eat there, its gotta be decent, and extra safe because there were roughly 6 or 7 of them. Bonus. 

Soon as we walked in, we were swiftly greeted by a blond gentlemen, and shortly after a very thoughtful and bubbly brunette. There was two gentlemen sitting all the way to left deep in conversation, a table of four Guidos who looked like they got lost on their way to jersey shore. The place was very nice looking, wood grain everywhere, 4 LG TV's playing random sports clips hanging on the wall. The light-bulbs were pretty neat because you could see the filaments  dimly lit. The bar looked nice with all 21 beers on tap. The lovely lady sat us down at the very polished table and took our drink orders.

I walked to the bar to further inspect their selection of beers and decided on an Endless River produced by the local brewery Mother Earth. After returning to my seat and placing our drink orders my wife and I glanced through the menu. She and I were in the mood for a hamburger. So when the waitress came back over she was delighted to know that we already knew what we wanted. We ordered and waited for it to arrive.

The food arrived in a timely manner but i was surprised at how average the portions were. I mean 1/3 LBr, fine, 20 fries probably, no big deal. For the price tho, it was sort of laughable. The meals were $8 for the burger and fries, and $2 for the sweet tea, i mean, granted this isn't McDonald's but for $10 i expected a little more. I sighed with disappointment and took a bite hoping that atleast the flavor of the burger would dampen my sadness. Wrong again.. I've tasted better burgers from Andy's Burgers and Fries in the Greenville mall and for a fraction of the price. The burger was overcooked and slightly burnt. The fries were pretty good. Perhaps burgers arnt their specialty, but from this experience i most likely wont go back to try out if anything else is. Why? Because i couldn't handle the disappointment. 

In conclusion, the people were nice, the place looked great inside, the beer choice was ok, but the prices and food quality were WAY OFF. Im talking, lost like last years Easter eggs, better yet, they were so far off, its as if the person in charge of pricing was navigating his way to the prices using the new iPhone Map App. Cause he was lost AF. So if you want a similar atmosphere with better prices, and better food, and better beer selection, go to the Carolina Ale House.

Late Night Restaurant · Sports Bar
123 East 5th Street, Greenville, NC.
(252) 756-6499