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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coffee, two books, and a few antiques on Main Street of Washington Nc 27889

Driving down the road, partying solo to the sound of Maynard's voice dancing over my speakers in a momma sed moment of triumph, when i realized. I HAVE MONEY ZOMGBABYJESUSCOPTERCAKES.. What is there to do. MAIN ST! Who to talk too? MAIN ST! How to get there the quickest? SOME OTHER STREETS! I wasn't really hungry, and my blackberry was being slightly held back . So I couldnt really take pictures. Either way... I went walking on the chilly, feb 3, blizzard ridden sky, kinda north Carolinian day.

Passing by the serene micro ripples that ride on the surface of the murky brown brakish water in a slightly slowed walking pace, always seems to calm me down a bit. Here, my mind races to the time when large pirate ships and soon to be pirate ships riddled the port. My eyes spot out all types of places to hide booty. When ever I get a new HD camera, i will make a video of the walk from the start to finish on the board walk. So you can see what i am talking about. The waterfront walk is pretty freakin sweat.

After getting my historical energy fix, i began the trek back to bat mobile. Walking slightly faster then before, i noticed a little antique shop out of the corner of my eye. When I went inside, i was delighted at all of the relics that were i there. My first impression of this shop was that it reminded me of the shops in oblivion that were full of beautiful items and trinkets that you could never use. There were neat crystal cups, made from jade. There was tons of Freemason decor. Shriner decor, etc. I was captivated for a whole 25 mins.

Upon leaving, i went to my favorite little book store and got some coffee and two books.

The first book i got was American Front (The Great War, Book 1) by an author named Harry Turtledove. The second book I got was Black Cross by Greg Iles. I actually got the second book for free!! I am really looking forward to the first read. The book is supposed to be like a what if the south had won the war kinda book that is borderline reality and probably reality in an alternate universe lol.

Btw sorry for not having any pics of the places that i been too, i am in the process of getting a new phone or ipod touch or something,. Then i will have HD videos of everything i do!