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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tannins and Truffles on Main St Washington Nc

The time was four oclock, the day was the 27th of May, and im walking down Washington Main street with a head full of dismay. My tummy was gurgling, my brow was screaming for mercy when, I spotted Polly's Perfections and hurried in.

Take the smell of George Washington Carvers greatest creation and marry that perfectly with the smell of organic cocoa baking in the over at the degree of perfection. The delightful vertiginous ecstasy permeating my body is driving every endorphins into a trance induced waltz.

The lady behind the counter was adorable and charming. Eager as a beaver to tell me all of the delightful variations of artisan truffles these courageous chocolatiers create. As arcane alchemist  hand crafting the elements into an experience laden in decadency they exist. Their Sole purpose in life is to tantalize someones taste buds, and i am so appreciative that it just so happened to be me that day. I bought a FRESHLY BAKED, STRAIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN, Peanut butter and cocoa brownie. OMG. It was so delicious, oh and i also bought a Pink champagne truffle that was to die for.

Then I headed over to Wine and Words to chat with the most beautiful Mary and visit these great wines in the picture. That woman really knows her wines and this weeks lineup was euphoric. Like always...

Contact Info for the places mentioned:
  1. To Order Your Special Truffles, Contact Lori at: 
    Polly's Perfections
    Phone: 252-360-4818
    Email: lori@pollysperfections.com
    419 East Main Street,
    Washington, NC 27889

  2. A World of Good Taste on Main Street:
    Wine and Words Washington Nc
    220 West Main St. Washington, NC 27889 
    PHONE: 252-974-2870
    Get Directions Here